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Youth Ministry

The youth ministry at first Baptist Bracktown is on a mission to become spiritual transformers by helping our youth grow from immature, chumps to spiritual champs in Jesus Christ. From Champs to Champs teachers our children that all things are possible through Christ, we strive to transform them from just hearers of the word to doers of the word, taking them from timid followers to bold witnesses for Christ. Our vision is to educate, evangelize and empower our youth.

Library Ministry

It is the intent of the first Baptist Church Bracktown library, to contribute to personal enrichment to promote literacy and education by providing information and resources for the members of this church in our community

Married Couples Ministry

It is the mission of the married couples ministry to point married couples to Christ through teaching, praying in building healthy relationships, and promoting families in homes with God as the head.

Scholarship Ministry

First Baptist church Bracktown strongly believes that education is a key to success members of the scholarship ministry are encouragers of academic excellence for all students combined with strong, parental involvement.

The Beautify Ministry

is to ensure that the interior and exterior of the church exemplify the beauty of Christ. We prepare our fellowship hall for dining for major church days and we assist other ministries with their special days upon request we coordinate and prepare the church for seasonal change interior and exterior, and ensure that it is maintained and pleasing in the eyes of God

Bethseda Health Ministry

Minister to the body, as well as the soul, and as God leads, we will do our best to meet the needs of our church and community as we serve and give all glory to the ultimate healer

ICare Ministry

Designed to keep senior members engaged and involved in the church setting the senior ministry at first Baptist church. Bracktown recognize the mini contributions. Our senior adults have made over the years.

Transportation Ministry

We serve individuals and families who wish to attend or Sunday morning Christian education, our Sunday morning worship service and Wednesday evening Bible study. We also serve first Baptist Bracktown ministries. They have planned activities which require group transportation, such as field trips, visit, other churches in town and out of town.

Usher Ministry

The usher ministry will strive to do all things decently and in order through continuous prayer community leader ship personal commitment to God obedience and sacrificing, we will establish a welcoming environment for worship, and prepare an atmosphere for saving souls

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